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It is the responsibility of the Client to ascertain whether he/she is permitted to use the services of the tixee brand based on the legal requirements in his/her country of residence. The tixee Education center empowers you with the knowledge needed to build a supreme trading strategy. From weekly webinar series, daily market updates through our financial news center, and more, you can get informed quickly and easily. The solution package is available as a plugin for fully licensed MT4/MT5 admins and an application for white label brokers with MT4/MT5 manager privileges. The Brokeree support team works around the clock to assist multi-asset brokers in installing, configuring, customizing, and maintaining their Social Trading solutions.

The information on this website is of a general nature only and does not consider your goals, financial situation or needs. However, the information is subject to change at any time without notice. GO cannot guarantee and assume no legal responsibility for the relevance, accuracy, topicality or completeness of the information. A license is issued for one company brand on one MT4/5 server. If you are MetaTrader server main label owner and you want to buy several licenses for your whitelabels – contact us for volume discounts. There is a table in settings where you can specify in which group the account type that should be opened by default.

Best Copy Trading Platform: Top Picks

If you are a trading expert, register as a partner, and let’s grow business together! This is one of the best copy trading platform, which helps you filter brokers based on minimum Deposit to start forex trading, mobile support, etc. ZuluTrade also allows login via Facebook, convenient for those who regularly log in to check their account. You would still only be having to open, manage and close positions on your personal trading account.

Out of this were born Etoro and Zulutrade who allowed traders to connect their personal trading accounts to their platform. As you can see from the video above, setting the trade copier up is extremely quick and simple. News Feed is a space for traders and investors of different experience levels worldwide to come together and social trader tools talk markets! Get exclusive market insights, share your trading success and engage with other traders by liking, commenting and sharing posts. You can copy on master accounts positions from good traders as well as those from losing clients, but in reverse mode. Our platform by default has a leaderboard of master accounts.

social trading tools

You could keep your main account on 1% risk, then have copier accounts running 5-10% risk, on much lower capital. Although they are much higher risk, they will only amount to a small percentage of your portfolio and be running completely automated. They could grow vastly during large winning streaks and during great risk to reward plays. The dashboard allows you to add pretty much unlimited MT4 accounts, regardless of which broker you’re using.

You Manage your Risk

The Social Trading web interface is both highly functional and user-friendly. The solution contains web portals for signal providers, investors, and administrators, allowing all categories of users to concentrate on their individual goals. Accelerates business growth by increasing brokerage trading volumes. Now more than ever, new clients are signing up with brokers who use advanced social trading software. Social Trader Tools is a web based platform for anyone that uses MT4/5. If you are looking to start a trading business or have an existing brand, you can whitelabel our platform and offer out signals to your own audience.

Hosted in the cloud 24/7 without the hassle of a VPS, allowing you to copy trades to any amount of trading accounts and much more. Social Trader Tools allows you to manage an unlimited amount of MT4 accounts from any MT4 broker, all from one platform. There is no special software, no complex configurations and no VPS servers required. Our trade copier is the fastest copier in the market with an average replication speed of 50ms.

Social trading community

Nobody uses all the features but every broker creates their own product from features and options like children do with brick constructors. We are constantly developing our platform and quantity of features is constantly growing, giving you an opportunity for making a tailor-made product for your clients according to your vision. The PAMM-master account is combined from several investment accounts, which is why when you deposit money on a PAMM investment account, the same amount will be deposited to the PAMM Master. In MAM and Copy investment accounts are separated from master accounts.

social trading tools

Social trading can drive a community feeling as investors work together to formulate specific trading ideas. News feeds in social trading platforms offer access to real-time ideas that describe a strategy in detail. In addition to sharing research, social trading can also involve pooling funds to generate greater gains.

Social trading platform

This page is available to the thousands of MyFXTM clients we get, giving you maximum exposure worldwide. Go to Strategy Manager ranking in MyFXTM to check out our top performing managers. Often means charts which a trader uses to interpret historic price action and behaviour for future direction.

Social Trading is based on the idea of copying trading signals. To start copying, investors analyze the trading results of signal providers via the leaderboard supported by the Ratings & Statistics Module and then pick the most attractive ones. As professional money managers we required a platform to manage our trading accounts and risk effectively.

Awful Awful, Lost a lot of money with these incompetent money grabbers.Go for the traditional copiers that uses VPN. You can choose from various style options and add your brands logo. You can also restrict what brokers can be used on your Whitelabel and even add a broker affiliate link to funnel users to your preferred broker. Simply upload your account credentials to the platform and your accounts will be hosted securely in the cloud 24/7. Once you have accounts added you can utilise the platform in many ways. FXTM brand is authorized and regulated in various jurisdictions.

Our trade copier has the fastest replication speed in the market, with an average speed of 50ms. Once your accounts are connected to the platform, you can set up trade copiers. Trade copiers can be set up with a variety of settings and risk types to suit all situations. Social Trader Tools allows you to offer your trading account to other users via a signal page. Like any trading activity, there are risks involved in social trading a market. Individuals should feel comfortable that the risks are in line with their individual tolerance levels.

Once you have your accounts connected to the platform you can setup trade copiers. Trade copiers are highly configurable with various risk types and settings covering all scenarios. With Social Trader Tools you can offer your own trading account out to other users as a signal via a signal page. You can copy trades to any number of trading accounts, and all this is done in the cloud 24/7. Social Trader Tools allows unlimited MT4 accounts to be managed from any MT4 broker. No special software, configurations or VPS servers are required.

The best part of the offer for traders is that no marketing is required as the broker does it for them. Copy trading can be used as more than just an investments instrument. Beginners can copy positions and analyze when, where and why the master made a trade. One or more may lose money, whereas successful ones will profit and compensate for the losses.

  • Go to Strategy Manager ranking in MyFXTM to check out our top performing managers.
  • This can be a great way for traders to earn additional profits but it’s important to look at regulations of trading investors capital – to avoid this, I’d recommend using a prop firm.
  • Investors can search and filter Strategy Managers by investment return, risk profile, trading style and many more criteria to find the best strategy for them.
  • Strategy Providers are a group of handpicked traders participating in the Social Copy Trader program.

It is usually a good idea for traders to consider risk and diversify their capital across many leaders and to pick a strategy that meets their time horizon. For instance, traders who want to place lots of short-term trades should find a trader that has this type of historical track record. If they are interested in trades that are held for multiple days, weeks or months, they should focus on traders who have transacted trades in this fashion. Copy trading allows you to follow the trading activity of experienced traders, some of whom have years of expertise and know-how.

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We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations. No, currently the platform works only with MetaTrader 4/5 servers and doesn’t support other platforms and has no integrations with crypto-exchanges. We have a plan in our long-term roadmap to integrate the platform with B2Margin and DxTrade. Yes, platform is connected to a MetaTrader server via MT manager’s API and requires no admin rights.

How does social trading work?

You can allow clients to open as many accounts as they want or just 5-7, for example. Each client action, data from the MT server or calculation is logged by a platform. When you have a query about why something may have happened, it can be found in the log files.


Having all of your accounts/investor accounts compiled in one dashboard is so useful for money managers or traders scaling up their operations. This is even going to be useful for traders with multiple prop firm funded accounts, to have them all in one place. Offering copy trading as a product can significantly increase a broker’s turnover as it offers new opportunities to everyone interested in the financial markets.

Trade in the same way on the same account but get paid in fees at the end of the month. It’s simple – all the trader needs to do is set the percentage to equity at the beginning of the day. If the trader reaches it, the platform blocks all trading until the next day. If a trader continues to make a profit, he will move up in the leaderboard and become visible to every single client within the brokerage. A platform that gives beginner traders the opportunity to copy positions from professionals. We produce all the materials to help you to launch this platform in just 7 days.

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