25 Signs Of A Man Who Is A Player Warning For Girls

I am really terrified by what self-declared players are writing here. Being good in bed is mostly an emotional thing, and the most important sexual organ is brain, not penis. A player by definition can’t be amazing, he can be decent or okay, or fine, but five stars go to the ones who can fulfill first the emotional needs. I accidentally became a player after coming out of a long term sexless relationship.

Does he want to hold your hands, kiss you or walk close to you when being in the public places? You could assume that he is playing the field. He might not want other girls to know that he has had a lover already. That also means he has taken and could not have his other chicks anymore.


A player plays with your emotions and feelings primarily for sexual gain. They are usually more affectionate at first to manipulate you into thinking they love you. Keep an open mind so you notice the signs and avoid being the next victim. Yes, a player may fall in love when they meet that special person.

Players often find satisfaction in getting people to fall for them. It feels like a victory to win the affection of dating else. People often behave this way because of poor self-esteem. Red flages include mostly him keeping a gallery of his ex girlfriend on his phone year after a breakup, accepting gift from her which she sent him recently to his home! They intuitively know how to properly communicate with women, what and when to say, and when to keep silent.

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And by ‘plays,’ I mean pretending to have a romantic interest in several people at the same time. Let’s say you learn that the person you’re dating has slept with a friend of yours. Even if you know that your relationship has no future, this sort of thing is bound to sting. Do what you need to process the hurt you’re feeling but under no circumstances must you end up sleeping with their friend just to get even. The fact that the person you’re with tends to self-sabotage their romantic partnerships indicates that this player persona is their defense mechanism to safeguard their own emotions and feelings. My ex, for instance, experienced a crushing heartbreak when his fiance cheated on him and that got in the way of his ability to invest emotionally in a relationship.

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My ex, for instance, was always hesitant about being seen with him in public. He especially steered clear of places where we could run into his friends or coworkers. Of course, his family had no idea about my existence even though we dated for more than 3 years. Yes, intimacy is a key component of a relationship. But intimacy isn’t just about the action in the bedroom.

Are You Scared To Be In A Relationship? Signs And Coping Tips

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My taken risk with him was too big, I felt addicted to him and hoped to run away from that easier if he gets a serious girlfriend. I am pretty sure that till this day what we had was the longest “relationship” with one girl for him. Hey Matthew, In the article you said if it’s possible to change a player.

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