Smart Metering System


Cloud System:
1. Real time meter reading system (all parameter reading of energy meter).
2. Reading of each individual meter should be shown separately.
3. Billing System integration ( Generate KWH reading bills)
4. Data storing facility in cloud.
5. Advance information about tripping with Alert SMS /Email for the
different balance amount.
6. Online Customer Login Portal , User can Get Login From Mobile Or Web
7. User Define Setting For All Equipment And Parameters of Separately
Limits Priority Based Alert.
8. .Automatic Over The Air Configuration And Firmware Updates.
1. Din rail mount compact size.
2. Input – 100-240V AC
3. WIFI Enabled for batter Connectivity
4. Modbus/MQTT Protocol
5. Configurable RS485 . Baud Rate , Party And Stop Bits.
6. Isolated Modbus system
7. LED Indication For Easy Setup And Trouble Shooting


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